Who are the Strachans?


Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog, we appreciate it 🙂

First things first. If you want to know how to say Strachan, well it rhymes with prawn. Hopefully now the title of our blog makes a little more sense!

We’re a couple from Newcastle, Australia, who love life, and of course, traveling! This blog is where you can travel along with us as we gradually make our way around the world. We’ll share with you our observations, recommendations, and photos on all things travel-related.

2017 Times Square ~ New York City

You might be wondering what our tagline Travel in the real world means?

Travel in the real world is a perfect tag for us, because we are people from the real world. We work full-time, we have a mortgage, and we have other commitments. We work hard, we save money, and when we can, we travel. We aren’t paid to travel (happy to change that though!), and we don’t receive free trips.

Like most adventurers out there in the real world, we try to snap up cheap flights, and we tune into travel shows, youtube travel guides, or scroll through Instagram travel accounts for inspiration on where we might like to visit next. And when we can’t spend weeks overseas, we’ll often try to get away for weekends in our own backyard, here in Australia.

So, please feel free to comment on our posts. Say hello, tell us where you’re from, and talk about places you’ve been or where you’d like to go!


Sel & Mike Strachan xo