The Red Centre

We recently spent a week in the Northern Territory, Australia, splitting our time between Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, and Uluru. Neither of us had ever been to the red centre before, so it was great to finally experience the Aussie outback and really appreciate the oft-used phrase sunburnt country.

Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes

The first day was spent visiting these little creatures, cared for by the extremely passionate and charismatic Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes who runs the Kangaroo Sanctuary. Walking around his property with kangaroos hopping between our legs was fantastic, and even though I’ve seen kangaroos plenty of times in my life (no, they don’t hop down our main streets!), this was something different altogether.

Searching for an asphalt road!

As the temperature hovered around 40 degrees (104 F), we made our way from Alice Springs to Kings Canyon, a 330km drive (200mi), which doesn’t sound terribly far, until you realise half of that was on a dusty, corrugated road… and we were basically driving a minivan. It wasn’t until after we reached the end that we discovered there was a better route to take. That also explained why we passed maybe 3 vehicles in about 2 hours of driving!

Kings Canyon is a fantastic place to go for a leisurely 6km walk around the rim of the canyon. The walk is relatively flat, that is after you ascend the 500 steps at the beginning. But as long as you leave around 6am, before the heat settles into the red dust and rocks around you, you’ll reach the end just as a few muscles decide to turn to jelly. Side note, this walk is when you realise that $10 flynets are the greatest invention on Earth.

Starting to warm up on top of the canyon
Sorry flies, no faces for you!

Our final destination on this magical trip to our red centre was complete by seeing none other than Uluru, at sunrise no less. Photos don’t do it justice and the beauty is that you can be driving for hours, and all of sudden it comes into view and you instantly realise just how big it is, and just how much it stands out on otherwise flat plains. The striking red rock, especially when it echoes back the sunlight is a sight to behold.

Amazing, huh?

3 thoughts

  1. Hey Mike, nice new blog 🙂 – Loved, loved, loved our time at Uluru – almost four years ago now, but still fresh in my mind. Did you do the walk around the base? We did, it was an exhilarating, moving and very spiritual experience.

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    1. Hi Clare! Yeah, I don’t imagine our memories of it will fade anytime soon! We didn’t walk around the base, we watched the sunrise, and then later in the afternoon we drove up to the base and had a look from there. It would have been great to walk around but unfortunately we hadn’t planned to do it. Maybe next time though 😉

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